The questions we get asked most about Pole Fitness…

What do I wear? Where are you? Do I need a dance background? Do I need to be super strong and flexible?

Even though pole has become quite a popular sport in the recent years, there are still a lot of questions asked around it. We have decided to give you all the answers you wish to know! We know what it’s like to want to start, or thinking about starting pole and have no idea of anything about it. Apart from that there’s a pole involved…that part is hopefully quite obvious.



Here we go…

What do I wear?

This is hands down, the most popular question we get asked as instructors! It all depends on what level you’re at, and as I’m sure you may have seen, the really advanced/professional polers tend to wear less clothing. But, at the end of the day, it’s what you’re comfortable in – having said that, you need skin to be able to stick to the pole. Skin is what’s going to enable you to do tricks and spins, at the beginning of your pole journey, it’s not as necessary, but when you start to learn mounts, tricks and inverts you will need a little more skin.

Here are our suggestions:

Starter/Improver – Anything you feel comfortable in (shorts, leggings, sports bra, top etc)

Intermediate + – Little more skin is definitely needed (shorts, sports bra and a vest top that you can preferably roll up if you need your midsection for grip)


Do I need to be strong or flexible?

No. Is the short answer – when you are starting out, you don’t need strength or flexibility, you will learn and improve on this as you progress in your journey! Your instructors will show you how to do each move, safely and correctly…this means that you get the most out of your session, all while building strength.

However, flexibility is something that should be worked at a lot more than just 5 minutes during a class. In your sessions you will gain a lot of flexibility, but to really push yourself and get super duper sexy flexy, you will need to dedicate some out of session time to this!


Do I need to be good at dance?

Nope, most polers don’t have a background in dance. Rhythm, co-ordination and flow is also something that you are able to pick up and improve on during your sessions. Of course, it is an added bonus if you have some sort of background in dance, gymnastics or anything like that – but it is just as easy to pick it up! 

I had a very brief time with amateur dance class at my high school, some ballet and gymnastics that I did until I was about 7 – I had no sense of flow, routine or anything like that, but I made it my everything to ensure that I would get better and more confident. I have confidence in myself that I can devise a routine and perform it well – I just needed to push myself and work hard!


Do I need to do that “dancey” side of pole?

Also…no. One great thing about pole is that you can take it anywhere you would like to go. You can focus purely on tricks and strength, you can focus on contemporary pole, exotic pole, floorwork, gymnastics that you can apply to pole – the world is your oyster as they say!


Who can do pole?

Anyone can pole. Pole is a sport for all people, of all genders, all shapes and all sizes!


Does it hurt?

Yes. It will hurt at first and I’m sorry to tell you that there is no quick fix. You’ll have to just keep practicing and your skin will soon desensitize to the pain and it won’t hurt – promise!


Do I have to wear wedgie tight, bum showing hot pants?

Not if you don’t want to, no. As long as you have as much leg as possible for certain moves, especially as you advance, bum showing hot pants is not essential, don’t worry! 

We hope this has given you enough information and answered as many questions as possible – if you’re interested in giving this a go, why not book a taster with us? Just click the button below!

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